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This book by prominent rabbi Kaufmann Kohler explains the beliefs, traditions and history of the Jewish faith.
Detailed yet accessible explanations of the core tenets of the religion are offered by Kohler, whose decades spent in devotion and study of Judaism imbue the pages with an authentic and intimate knowledge of the faith from ancient times onward. First published in 1918, this account of the Jewish religion was praised by Kohler's contemporaries in the American Jewish community. 
The book is split into three fundamental parts, each of which studies an aspect of Judaistic belief: 
The first part examines the nature of God and the divine as understood by the Jews. The consciousness of man and concept of one God, and the role the Torah plays in defining and explaining the nature of the Father is detailed. The various traits of God - his ultimate knowledge, love, omnipotence and strict adherence to truth - receive their own chapters. The manner by which God makes himself known through the creation and miracles is also examined. 
The second part is entitled Man, and discusses where humankind stands in the view of Judaism. The nature of mankind, of its duality of good and evil, and of the aspect of God's spirit present in all men is explained. The notion's of divine retribution for misdeeds and of a reward for good acts, and the elements of civilisation which contribute to the moral behaviour of man are also examined. 
In the third part, entitled Israel and the Kingdom of God, we hear a historical account of Judaism's beginnings in Israel. The notion of the Kingdom of God and its connection to the Israelites is explored, while the traditions and customs of the priesthood are also detailed. Chapters are also devoted to other monotheistic faiths which followed Judaism, as well as the significance of the synagogue as a place of worship. 
Kaufmann Kohler was an influential Jewish intellectual and rabbi who rose to prominence after emigrating to the USA at a young age after formal education in various schools in Germany. Over decades, he became one of the foremost public figures advocating Reform Judaism, and influenced the development and public prominence of the Jewish religion. A frequent committee member and speaker at various rabbinic conferences, Kohler was also enthusiastic about science, using his writing skills to contribute articles to various scientific journals.
Jewish Theology
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